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Equine Mega Sweat is a specifically

concentrated version of Equine Omega Complete


It may help treat anhidrosis, a disorder that prevents sweating in some horses. Utilizing Equine Mega Sweat, most horses start sweating within 24-48 hours.


Horses with Anhidrosis are slow to recover after exercise. Symptoms may include: panting heavily, very little or no sweat, elevated pulse and a higher than normal body temperature, a flaky coat and/or coat loss and distressed or lethargic behavior after exercise or even after work has ceased. It is imperative that owners pay close attention and notice signs of Anhidrosis, as it can be a dangerous health condition.


Anhidrosis is most commonly found where temperatures and humidity are high. While the mechanism is known, it is unknown why some horses are more susceptible to developing the condition.


We suggest that horses exhibiting symptoms of Anhidrosis receive one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat over a period of one month (4 to 5 ounces twice daily) before switching to Equine Omega Complete for maintenance.


You may purchase a combo pack (one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat and one gallon of Equine Omega Complete) in the purchase area.


Equine Mega Sweat – Instructions and Helpful Tips


Equine Mega Sweat is a specially formulated blend of mechanically expelled soybean oil with added human grade, marine fish oil and all-natural, non-synthetic vitamin E.


Top-dress Equine Mega Sweat over a low-fat, complete grain and supply your horse with healthy fat that may help trigger sweating in your Anhidrotic horse.


Why a low fat grain?


Equine Mega Sweat is nearly 100% crude fat and pairing it with a low-fat, complete grain ensures that the majority of fat in the diet is all-natural and healthy.


Some grain suggestions:


• Nutrena SafeChoice® Original – 7% crude fat

• Purina Strategy® Professional GX – 6% crude fat

• Tribute Kalm N’ EZ® Textured – 6% crude fat

• Triple Crown® Lite – 3% crude fat


We suggest that horses exhibiting symptoms of Anhidrosis receive one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat over a period of one month - 4 to 5 ounces or pumps daily.


We have a typical success rate of 90% of helping horses to begin sweating 24 to 48 hours after beginning the product. If you horse is NOT sweating after 48 hours, we ask that you contact us. Pete Fulgham (662) 822-8822 or


Once your horse is sweating normally, keep them on Equine Mega Sweat until you have used up the gallon.


After that it is important to transfer and KEEP them on Equine Omega Complete to maintain normal sweating as well as the other benefits that Equine Omega Complete provides.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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One gallon is a one month's supply for one horse.

$99.99 plus tax and shipping


We suggest that horses exhibiting these symptoms receive one gallon of Equine Mega Sweat and then convert to the maintenance dose of Equine Omega Complete.


You may purchase a combo pack of one gallon of the sweat product and complete product in the shopping area.


If you order a case (4 gallons) or more you will receive FREE shipping.

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