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Equine Mega Gain is a specifically

formulated version of Equine Omega Complete


Good fats and calm calories that will not make your horse hot! Every horse needs them and Equine Mega Gain’s combination of omega-3’s, 6’s and 9’s are beneficial to any horse’s diet.


Equine Mega Gain contains no processed fats. We use mechanically expelled, non-GMO soybean oil.


The addition of calm calories may also help support: athletic performance, reproductive health, moody heat cycles, milk production and body and coat condition.


We suggest you feed one gallon of Equine Mega Gain over a period of one month (4 ounces daily), or until your horse reaches the desired condition. Then transfer your horse onto Equine Omega Complete, also fed at 4 ounces daily, for additional benefits such as joint and tissue support.



If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

One gallon is a one month's supply for one horse.

$49.99 plus tax and shipping


Click here to view our product label and guaranteed analysis.


We suggest that horses exhibiting these symptoms receive one gallon of Equine Mega Gain and then convert to the maintenance dose of Equine Omega Complete.


You may purchase a combo pack of one gallon of the gain product and complete product in the shopping area.


If you order a case (4 gallons) or more you will receive FREE shipping.

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